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The latest edition of Jornal de Leiria had my opinion as the founder of WeconeteAll on this.

Be online in Covid-19 crisis! That’s easier said than done! Coronavirus crisis is now heavily affecting a lot of business around the world. Although we all hope that the economy will recover quickly, uncertainty seems to be the only certainty that all of us entrepreneurs have at this time. As described in the Jornal de Leiria publication, my opinion is that digital should not be overlooked at this stage. Let’s see 2 points of big interest online at this time:

Social Media

People are spending more time at home, will be online more time and eventually spend much more time on social media. Therefore, communication in social media shouldn’t stop, quite the contrary, it must continue and perhaps even increase. Just make sure if is better to adapt your communication to this specific even, it probably will, so your contribution in media have some value.


Google searches have dropped in most industries, naturally unrelated to the current moment. However, history tells us that at these times, competition also tends to decrease. Many companies will react to this crisis by lowering costs and the Digital Marketing area is expected to be greatly affected. In Portugal there are already some studies to confirm this ideia, like the one from APPM.

The great opportunity lies in not giving up and be there in the places left by of others that will be giving up, like some of our competitors will probably do, and, above all, being part of the solution to the crisis created by Covid-19.

As our President of the Portuguese Republic said:

In times of war, economies cannot die!

– Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

In conclusion, just be online in Covid-19 crisis! Later you will be rewarded.

And will your company continue to communicate online?

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