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“The ultimate goal is to make MARKETING that REALLY WORKS”.

Gil Sousa


As a founder of WeconeteAll, I can assure you that the company’s ultimate goal is to make MARKETING that really works, hence the pun with our logo and slogan. “WeconeteAll em condições”, that means, we make good connections.

My previous experience as Director of Marketing and Sales has made me clearly realize that without goals and strategy, all marketing has little value, indeed it may have no value at all.

Personally, my biggest passion is the strategy applied to companies, to enable more and better business.
Digital Marketing Agency

WeconeteAll and its purposes

We as a Digital Marketing Agency focus mainly on the need that exist in today’s market, where the vast majority of small and medium companies don’t have a digital presence that can benefit them. That is the biggest problem we intend to solve.

Our Mission

Helping SMEs to have a Marketing and Digital Marketing action plan.

Our Vision

Be a reference in creating marketing strategies for industries.

We Are

  • Authentic
  • Consistent
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Environmentally Friendly
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