Ecommerce websites that don’t sell

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Right now, there are many companies fighting for their survival, physical stores closed and sales that have plummeted. The solution sought by many will be sell online. Thats perfect but:

How to run away from eCommerce websites that don’t sell?

Marketing and communication companies are right now advertising good deals on ecommerce development, some at very low prices, with short lead times, everything seems to be so easy.

In reality it is not! Most of the stores, will not be able to have visits, and even less to sale anything.

Think about it, do you know ecommerce from small businesses with great success? I know, but I know many more that don’t work, don’t have visits and don’t sell.

Those that really have good results and stand out usually also involved a lot of work.

So, what is the solution?

First, I will give 1 example:

Think about how people will get to your store?

They don’t arrive just because you have it, that’s for sure!


Two of the most obvious methods for getting customers are:

  • By search: The site must have a strong SEO optimization to appear organically and you can also go for paid ads.
  • Social media: You can have a page, make some posts and pay advertisements for your target audience.

Each of these solutions has extra costs and extra work as well as any others you can find.

The only solution is: STRATEGY!

Think about what I am going to sell, to whom, how can this help this person. From this point you can hopefully figure out one winning communication plan!

Ecommerce? Sure, but with strategy.

Without strategy your store will not work, however cheap it has been It will be just an EXPENSE, one more!

At WeconeteAll we always define the main goal with the customer, study the possible strategies and propose a set of actions that will make their ecommerce able to have sales.

If you understand Portuguese, check this video about the subject:

PS: For institutional sites or blogs all of these tips apply as well.

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