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How many companies have outdated websites and don’t care? There are many!

That was not what the case here! The New website for S. Bernardo (PPA) started as the first step in a strategy to improve the company’s digital presence.

In the beginning was the changes in the website, the new image, new content. All made in accordance with the company’s objectives. And this is always the first step!

Screenshot of the new S. Bernardo website
Screenshot of the new S. Bernardo website

The website was launched at the Opening of the Ambiente 2020 Fair. S. Bernardo is one of the most respected Portuguese companies in the world of decorative ceramics and this was the perfect motto.

ambiente fair
S. Bernardo Ambiente Fair 2020 Collections

A little more than 1 month later, the website shows its value, with the number of organic visits already higher than the previous site. Although it is too early to verify organic results, integration is going very well.

The greatest thing is that we will soon start with the second step of the newest S. Bernardo digital life. We will be opening the site’s blog and the company communication trough Linkedin. Yes we do this service at WeconeteALL!

Visit the website at this link:

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