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Data controller

WECONETEALL, LDA., Headquartered in Parceiros, Leiria (Portugal), is responsible for the processing of data, determining the purposes and means of processing the personal data it collects in the normal course of the organization.

General Provisions

This policy covers not only the WECONETEALL website ( as well as all processes and procedures that mention it in connection with the collection of personal data and their processing by WECONETEALL in the performance of their duties.

By providing WECONETEALL with your personal data, you acknowledge and declare that:

  • You have legal age;
  • You authorize the collection, processing and processing of personal data as described herein.

Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and why we do it, how we use that information, and what options we make available regarding personal data, including access, updating, deletion and limitation of data processing.

WECONETEALL reserves the right to update or modify its Privacy Policy as necessary to comply with legal obligations and to ensure and respect the privacy of our customers regarding their personal data.

Purpose of collecting personal data

WECONETEALL provides services in the areas of digital communication tools and marketing in general. Thus, it collects personal data for the following purposes:

  • Sending Customer marketing information, including sending a newsletter to anyone who has requested it, provided they have given their consent and have not refused to use their coordinates for that purpose;
  • Contacting the User who has completed and submitted a form, provided he / she has given his / her consent to be contacted;
  • Preparation of statistics to understand how WECONETEALL can improve the level of services it provides and thus more effectively meet users’ expectations.

Data we collect

WECONETEALL will collect name, email, telephone contact and age by completing the forms provided in the various areas of the site, or by email. Information marked with an * is required. Failure to provide information marked as mandatory will result in inability to review the information and / or inability to provide the requested services, as applicable.

Data retention period

WECONETEALL will keep the data for 10 years or if there is a business purpose between the parties for a longer period. It may still have to retain certain data for a longer period to comply with legal obligations.

Blog Comments

When you comment in the BLOG WECONEWETEALL space, the name, email, and optionally the website you enter will be stored in the site database, along with your computer’s IP address, time and date. that the comment has been submitted. This information is for identification purposes only and will not be shared with any third parties.

Newsletter Subscription

By subscribing to the newsletter, the email address and other data in the form to be subscribed by the customer will be forwarded to MailChimp. MailChimp is considered a third party data processor. This data will be kept in the MailChimp database for as long as WECONETEALL uses MailChimp services or the customer specifically requests removal of their data from the lists. The customer may update / remove their data through the links provided in the WECONETEALL newsletter, or request its removal via email. When you request removal via email, you should email it at the email address you used to subscribe to the newsletter.

Right of access and right of rectification and portability of your personal data

The data subject has the right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of his personal data at any time.
The data subject may refuse to use their coordinates to receive marketing materials from WECONETEALL.
The data subject may exercise any of these rights in writing via the following email:


The WECONETEALL website contains links to other websites. WECONETEALL is not responsible for the privacy policies of those websites. Users of the WECONETEALL website are recommended to refer to pages within these websites that refer to their privacy policies when accessing other websites.

Cookie Use

WECONETEALL collects browsing data using cookies, small text files that identify your computing device.
The collection of cookies helps to manage and update website content by keeping user preferences, understanding the browsing trend for a continuous improvement of our website.
The information is used solely for statistical purposes of the website and is not shared with any other entity.
For cookie collection WECONETEALL uses Google Analytics, details on how cookies are processed can be found in the Google Developer Guide.
By visiting the site the visitor agrees to the collection of cookies and accepts that their data be tracked.

Data Security

When sensitive information is collected or used, the data will be encrypted via SSL (Security Sockets Layer).
Thanks to the SSL protocol, which protects the transmission of all sensitive data over the Internet, all information is handled with the utmost security. Your privacy is assured and the risk of data intersection during communication is completely eliminated.
If you have any questions about the security and privacy that WECONETEALL guarantees you, please contact

Intellectual property

The contents of this website, ie all available information, are the property of WECONETEALL, except as expressly indicated. The content is protected by copyright under Portuguese and European Union law. Accordingly, the content of the website may not be copied, altered or distributed except with the express permission of WECONETEALL. This condition excludes the exceptions permitted by law.


Access to the contents of the website is completely free, but depends on the consent of the rules expressed herein and the acceptance of our privacy policy.
WECONETEALL has the right to discontinue access to its website whenever necessary and for as long as it deems appropriate.

Changes to this privacy statement

Our privacy policy may change, which will always be indicated on this page of our website.
The last update is from 12/10/2019.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

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