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SEO and user experience: Why are they fundamental in a website?

Nowadays, SEO and user experience are the most important factors for the best performance on your website.

Website development, as an isolated act, does not mean much, the website has to be created to work, otherwise the result will look like a business card lost in the desert.

Gil Sousa, Founder Weconeteall

What is a website that works?

First of all, it is a website that appears in a search engine when we have a need that we want to solve.

Secondly, it is a website that offers us an easily perceived way to find the answer we are looking for.

Summing it up: 1st Show up and 2nd Solves!

So let’s go step-by-step.

SEO – Show up

The first point of the site showing up can be settled through a good optimization and SEO strategy.

When someone is looking for a product or service that our business offers SEO must exhibit our site on google (or another)

We have been analyzing many websites and SEO is almost completely forgotten on the websites of small and medium-sized companies.

This is a great opportunity that all businesses can and should take advantage of.

The usual is that the less SEO-optimized sites show up only when you search for their names. This situation is precisely what we try to solve when we implement a SEO strategy.

The goal is for your website to show up to people looking for what you do and not just to people who already know your company so well that they even remember your name.

To show up there are also paid ads – SEA

Paid ads have a more immediate character and, from the first moment, they can generate traffic to your website.

In our opinion, even for a paid ad strategy SEO is always important.

Since these ads can benefit from the quality of the landing page, this is a factor that influences the amount to pay for each ad, in the case of google ads.

The user experience – Solves

The factors that influence the user experience (UX) are countless and sometimes difficult to measure.

The user experience is positive when the user finds what he is looking for within the site easily, gets satisfied and solves his problem. Is there anything better than this?

The functionality of a website is very connected to the design, which should be thought to make the user life easier and to increase conversions on the site.

There are basic rules of design and knowledge of human behavior that help to develop a website, we are speaking about things as basic as the use of colors or the speed of the website.

But as in everything not being an exact science, tests are most important for drawing conclusions and making decisions.

Are you ready to start, now that you know what makes your website work?

Let’s talk!

Let us help you with your website

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