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SEO draw, what? Yes, it was a draw where all the participants won.

On March 4th and 5th, we participated in the largest digital event in our city of Leiria, the Digital Export Open Day, organized by AAPI and Ecossistema DX.

Our goal was set:

Show our visitors whether or not their website appeared in Google Search Results. And if so, by what search words.

Gil Sousa

For us, the website is the basis of a company’s digital communication. And of course it will have to had some SEO goals to achieve.

We did an SEO draw!

  • The 1st prize was 5h of SEO consultancy or 200€ of digital services from WeconeteAll;
  • The participation prize was a diagnosis of the site’s organic performance.
Does your website rank in google
SEO Draw

The experience in the event was excellent, the fellow exhibitors too. We stand beside a large Portuguese communication agency 10 Digital and a Portuguese company with international success, Swonkie.

The experience in the event was excellent
The experience in the event was excellent

We have showed why WeconeteAll exists, and that was great!

When the visitors approached our booth, we presented ourselves like this:

We are specialists in Marketing Digital for industries and B2B business. Our 1st goal is to create a solid digital communication to our customers. So, the first thing to do, is checking if your website is working. Do you want to participate in our draw?

Gil Sousa

The draw had 30 participants, they have not been in greater number, perhaps because many are not familiar with the meaning of SEO. Anyway, everyone who stopped by, ear about it.

Diagnosing the website of all competitors was very laborious and rewarding. Most of websites did not have any work made in SEO. But there were also cases that were very well optimized and with impressive results. Just to mention, we love SEO!

The SEO draw can be online too!
The SEO draw can be online too!

In conclusion, we will repeat the SEO draw soon.

Because we really love it, we will continue, participating in live events that promote digital.

SEO draw, want to check it?

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