Social Media Marketing

The true is:

“You don’t build a bond without being present.”

Social Media Marketing

Do you want to know some interesting data about social media?

Data from one study released in January 2020 by Hootsuite and we are social.

  • Portugal has 6,700,000 active social media users;
  • This number grew 1.5% over the previous period;
  • These people spend on average 2H09M per day on social media;
  • 21% of these users use social media for business purposes.

Facebook in Portugal

  • Total active users per month – 6,300,000;
  • 70% of these users are over 13 years old;
  • 4% average organic reach for follower page posts;
  • Percentage of pages using ads 17%.

Instagram in Portugal

  • Total active users per month – 3,600,000;
  • 40% of these users are over 13 years old.

Linkedin in Portugal

  • Total users – 3,100,000;
  • Linkedin quarterly growth – 6.9%.
What we do?

Content Marketing | Publications | Paid ads | Giveaways | Community management.

Social Media Marketing

Is “Professional” Social Media Marketing management needed?

When we think about the numbers of social media in Portugal, it is natural that we consider communicating through them.
But what is the purpose of being present in a social media network?

One of the main goals that all professionals want when their company is in a social media network is to be able to gain new contacts and thereby get new business.
For most companies social media networking is really a unique opportunity to find new customers. And hence, almost all digital marketing strategies use these means to achieve their goals.


What are the advantages of make social media marketing in my business?

Ability to contact customers more often;
Value of ads on social media networks are cheap when compared to others;
It is possible to measure the results of all actions;
And you can choose exactly who your actions are targeting.

Can I easily manage my company’s social media presence?
This is a possibility that we often present to our customers and they rely on us just to manage paid ads. But beware, this is only possible if there is a defined communication strategy. Able to maintain the consistency and consistency of publications. Who has not gone through the page of a company without updates and thought: “This company is in bad shape!” Don´t ever put yourself or your company in that position, because when we abandon our digital communication channels, they can start working against us!
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