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What we do?

“Website development by itself doesn’t mean much, the website has to be made to work.”

“You don’t want a website to be a business card lost in the desert”

You don't just want to have a business card on the internet, do you?

At WeconeteAll, website development or optimization is always linked to a specific goal. And that’s exactly how we make sure everything works as you want – clearly set the main goal!

By now, we all know how important it is to have a digital presence. There are several ways we can do it, but the website has invariably a great importance because online is the only tool that really belongs to you.

And so, it is common that the website to function as the center of all digital communication in a company.

As we said before, one of our main missions when dealing with a website development is to make it work according to each client’s goals. Usually, companies want the website to bring contacts and above all bring new and good business. This is a good starting point for building new sites or redesigning existing ones.

But the reality is that to achieve this goal the whole digital strategy has to be designed and implemented accordingly. And that means a lot of work!

Hi-Performance Websites

What we do to optimize or develop a website?

Usually we take into account two main factors: design and functionality and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

And it is specifically this last factor where WeconeteAll feels that websites are further neglecting their chances of success.

Notice, if your site only appears when people know the name of your business, you don’t have a really website, you have a business card on the internet, or rather, lost in the desert.

There are 2 ways to appear when someone searches for an important word for your business on a search engine:


SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is one of the key aspects for having a hi-performance website on search engines. This optimization makes your site appear organically when some terms are searched on a search engine, such as google.

What does it take to rank well?

It is estimated that there are about 200 factors that influence the website’s position on a search engine such as google. Soo, SEO is about optimizing as many of these factors as possible so your website can rank well in the right keywords.

How has SEO been used in Portugal?

Amazingly, most companies in Portugal are not yet paying due attention to SEO, it is bad on the one hand, but good on the other. Of course, the good part is just in case you want to start being one of the companies that bets on SEO.


SEA - Search Engine Advertising

Search engine ads can be a faster way to generate traffic / sales on your website.

Do I need a professional to make ads?

Pay attention! There are advertisers who for lack of knowledge pay much more for each campaign. This has to do with the ranking of the ad itself, the relevance of the landing page, and a few more factors that only a professional usually mastered. The difference between spending more or less depends on quality. And be aware, that this difference can mean for example, spending double for each campaign to get the same result.
You can explore Google Ads platform a bit and try to analyze some functional issues by yourself, but take care of your money!

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